Scalable Health Labs

Mobile Bio-Behavioral Sensing

Scalable Health Labs are focused on mobile bio-behavioral sensing, to develop novel “sensors” that can simultaneously measure both bio- and behavioral-markers¬†for a given healthcare context. The challenge lies in measuring both bio- and behavioral-markers in-situ, away from a clinic or healthcare facility. The new sensors will be the foundation of next-generation healthcare architecture, where both the patient and healthcare providers are empowered by relevant and timely information.¬†Some applications include

cropped-C0_Scalable_Health_Icons-1blw5zw-e1473449142135.pngManaging Chronic Conditions

Unfortunately, chronic diseases constitute the preponderance of healthcare expenses and thus their management has an enormous impact on the healthcare system, national and global economies. Yet, our tools to address the challenges remain antiquated, resulting in either unsustainably expensive or ineffective care. Our innovations are targeted for patients with chronic conditions like Asthma, COPD and Diabetes.

cropped-C0_Scalable_Health_Icons-1blw5zw-e1473449142135.pngPreventive and Personalized Healthcare

Preventive and Personalized Healthcare hold great promise in our future and both can be empowered and accelerated by the use and adoption of technology. Our vision is to develop novel building blocks, which empowers users and medical professionals to predict health problems, proactively employ preventive measures and in the process avoid the bulk of episodes from becoming serious and costly.

Research supported by NSF, NIH and IBM Research