Scalable Health Labs

Towards Bio-Behavioral Medicine

Enroll in – a longitudinal study to study COVID-19 impact on mental well-being. See prelim results now.


Scalable Health Labs long-term mission is to quantitatively understand the behavior-biology-health pathways.

With each innovation, we move a step closer to the vision of bio-behavioral medicine, where behavior and biology are treated cohesively and with empathy.

Research projects span three conceptual directions:

  • Sensors to measure bio- and behavioral–markers, non-intrusively & accurately

  • Models to quantitatively understand bio-behavioral pathways

  • Bio-behavioral clinical interventions to improve healthcare outcomes


Research supported by NSF, NIH and Microsoft Research

NSF Expeditions in Computing – “See Below the Skin”

Our goal in this NSF Expeditions project is to develop, test, and validate new imaging systems – Computational Photo-Scatterography (CPS), to non-invasively image below the skin at tunable depths. For more information, please visit our project page.


PATHS-UP aims to develop two engineered systems to monitor key biomarkers (e.g., biochemical, biophysical, and behavioral) of chronic disease – a Lab-in-your-Palm (LiyP) and a Lab-on-a-Wrist (LoaW). Please see our project page for more details.